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Welcome to Harvest and Habitat, your destination for edible landscapes, homestead planning and permaculture design. We'll help you get rid of your grass and create abundance in your backyard today!

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“Thanks to Harvest and Habitat, I now have a beautiful orchard garden that provides me with fresh apples and berries, and feeds pollinators year round.”

Jennifer J.

Harvest and Habitat

Permaculture is for Everyone

Whether you've got a small yard in the city or a lot of land in the countryside, we'll help turn your space into a thriving, organic ecosystem that's sustainable, low-maintenance and productive...without using any harmful chemicals or synthetic fertilizers.


With an edible landscape your yard can become a powerhouse of productive beauty that provides you with fresh and organic food. Grow fruits, veggies, and herbs with a food forest or an orchard garden tailored to you needs.



By incorporating permaculture design principles, we can help create a self-sufficient homestead that reduces your reliance on external resources so that you can produce food, harvest rainwater, and harness renewable energy.



We focus on creating diverse ecosystems that support native plants, wildlife, and beneficial insects - enhancing soil health and contributing to a more resilient environment.


"They helped me turn my tired old lawn into an awesome food forest! Really great crew to work with. "

Matt S.


How much space do I need?

Surprisingly, it doesn't take much space to grow food. You can have a fully functioning and productive food forest in as little as 50 square feet.

How much does edible landscaping cost?

The costs vary depending on the size of the space and the number of plants needed. A good starting point is around $800 for a small food forest or orchard garden.

I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for. Where do I start?

We offer free consult calls to determine your needs and flush out goals for your space. Sometimes that's all it takes to get going, and other times we may recommend a site assessment to see your space in person...and that's free too. Win Win!

You Can Homestead Anywhere.

I highly recommend Harvest and Habitat for their expertise in homestead planning and design. They helped me turn an acre of over-grazed land into an amazingly productive and beautiful space. My kids especially love picking berries and helping with the harvest. - Lois W.

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