About Us

We're a dedicated crew of permaculture designers, ecologists, and homesteaders who are passionate about working with nature in order to create efficient and thriving landscapes.  

We don't use synthetic chemicals or fertilizers and we implement regenerative agricultural principles into all of our installations. 

Trusted by Many

Grow your own food where your grass used to be with Harvest and Habitat.

Our Dream

We envision a future where every spare patch of grass is transformed into a flourishing and productive haven that grows nutrient-dense food, enriches the earth, and brings people together. We hope to initiate this vision starting in your backyard.

Get Ready to Grow.

We wasted a lot of time and money trying to start our homestead before calling Harvest and Habitat. They are truly excellent at what they do. We were able to collaborate on a huge fruit orchard system and expand and into berry trellises and grazing paddocks for our animals. We honestly couldn't have done it without them and our only regret is not calling them sooner. - Mary C.

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