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 creating abundance in your backyard 

We are an organic landscaping company focused on creating abundance in backyards, homesteads, and broad-acre farms using permaculture design principles and regenerative practices. 

Check out our Backyard Abundance Design if you're ready to have your land laid out the permaculture way, or schedule a site assessment if you're not sure where to start and need an expert opinion.

Backyard Abundance Design

Your blueprint for abundance!

Includes an on-site assessment, a 40-50 page detailed presentation from our international permaculture designer and educator, and a fully customized design tailored to your landscape.

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Site Assessment

Includes a two-hour consulting session with our permaculture experts to help answer questions, develop ideas, and plan your permaculture paradise. 


Our Services

We’ll help you optimize your land with low-maintenance/high output installations that build nutrient-dense soil, provide abundant harvests, and promote wildlife habitats.

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