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Clearing and Cleanup

"A weed is just a plant growing someplace that you don't want it to grow."

- Joel Salatin

Unlike traditional landscaping companies that will apply a bunch of chemicals then sprinkle a few handfuls of mulch on your beds, we'd really like to change the way you manage your ornamental yardscapes.

Instead of nasty sprays and dyed mulch that turns to gunk over time and ruins your soil composition, we aim for soil restoration by using an OMRI-Certified biodegradable weed block, followed by 4-6 inches of natural hardwood mulch and excellent compost. 

It looks great, and best of all, it will break down overtime and enrich your soil. You see, those pesky 'weeds' like to grow in depleted and compacted soils. The more you nourish your soil, the less hospitable it will be for those plants that we call weeds to grow. 


We can also take care of your honeysuckle infestation and invasive species problems using organic and regenerative practices if thats what you're looking for.


Contact us to get on the schedule for a clearing and cleanup session.

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