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Backyard Abundance Design

When you're ready for beauty and bounty in your landscape.

What's Included?

Your Backyard Abundance Design will include an on-site assessment, a 40-50 page detailed report from our international permaculture designer and educator, and will be fully customized to your land.


We factor in your specific climate, geographical contours, water and/or access issues, all the nooks and crannies - as well as the beauty and bounty you wish to create.

Design Ex_JM2

What's the Price?

UP TO 1/4 ACRE = $800

1/4 TO 1 ACRE = $1,500


1 TO 3 ACRES = $2,500


OVER 3 ACRES? Contact us for broad-acre pricing options.


Pricing is based on the land size you want designed, not the size of your lot.

How Does it Work?

Once you’ve purchased your Backyard Abundance Design, we will schedule an on-site assessment to begin the design process. You can decide if you’d like to utilize our team to implement some of, or all of your design, or take it on yourself using your custom design as a guidebook.

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